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Our Santa Ana chiropractic center can help you with your headaches and migraines

Struggling with chronic headaches and migraines can be incredibly frustrating, whether they present as a mild ache or an agonizing throb. Whether you’re experiencing debilitating tension accompanied by pain at the scalp and neck or just feel generally ‘off,’ these episodes will undoubtedly interfere with your everyday life.

Although over-the-counter painkillers may provide a temporary solution to the discomfort from headaches, they don’t actually address what’s causing your headaches. To find true relief, it’s essential to identify and treat the source of your headache.

If you suffer from headaches, then it’s time to consider corrective chiropractic care. This specific chiropractic approach is scientific, safe, and powerful – as research proves its capacity to treat various kinds of headache-related issues including migraines, tension headaches, neck pain, and beyond. Not only can corrective chiropractic care provide immediate relief but with regular practice, it can also address the cause while preventing future incidents.

Searching for a permanent, natural solution to your headaches? Chiropractic care could be exactly what you need.

When you seek headache relief from a chiropractor, they typically perform a spinal manipulation or “adjustment” on your neck. However, depending on the results of your assessment, they may also adjust other areas as well to offer pain relief and increased mobility.

By employing a specialized approach, your chiropractor can utilize x-ray films to pinpoint which vertebrae are either misaligned or subluxated, thus resulting in undue strain on the nerves. This additional tension on the neurological system is oftentimes what’s hindering your body from operating as it should and ultimately causing headaches.

This manipulation will not only help with the current headaches you are experiencing but will reduce the risk of stress and tension building up and causing future headache pain as well.

By taking proactive steps beyond regular chiropractic adjustments, such as paying attention to potential triggers and making necessary lifestyle changes, you can minimize your chances of getting debilitating headaches in the future. What usually causes a headache for you? Which situations or events trigger it the most often? Nurture yourself with knowledge of these details – this will aid in preempting any issues from arising down the line.

For many people, the most common causes of headaches are:

  • Stress
  • Sitting with poor posture at a desk for too long
  • Spending too much time looking at your phone or computer
  • Eating certain foods
  • Dehydration
  • Old whiplash injuries
  • Environmental factors such as light and noise
  • Poor sleep habits

Identifying the source of your headaches is key to minimizing their reoccurrence. Making simple adjustments such as drinking adequate water, adjusting your diet, reducing stress levels, and getting enough rest can all play a role in keeping them at bay. Additionally, underlying medical issues may also be causing these migraines so it’s important to visit a doctor if they continue or become more severe.

At Divine Healing Chiropractic in Santa Ana, we perform a thorough examination combined with a set of x-rays to reveal if spinal misalignments are the root cause of your headaches. If so, Dr. Mousavi will design a custom treatment approach to not only realign the spine back to its optimal shape but remove nerve pressure and interference to ensure future migraines and headaches are minimized or eradicated altogether.

Contact Dr. Mousavi at Divine Healing Chiropractic in Santa Ana, CA if you want to put an end to your headaches and migraines naturally, and without any harmful drugs or procedures.

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