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  • She is absolutely amazing. One of the best chiropractors ever. Highly recommended

    - sara rahimi
  • I read the book "The Emotion Code" about five years ago—I had no idea there were practitioners in my area who were offering the technique! Finding Dr. Mousavi's office and services (Emotion Code & chiropractic care) has been a game-changer.

    Dr. Mousavi is attentive, intuitive, and aligned with the mission of offering healing and the highest possible well-being to her patients. If you're in pain, feeling like you need a wellness refresh, or want to get into the best health of your life, this is where you want to be!

    Show More - Amanda Dollinger
  • This is a review from my father of Divine Healing and Chiropractic and truly makes me so happy and grateful for Dr. Mousavi."

    Dr. Mousavi is a superb chiropractor. I was suffering of a severe pain for the last five years in the area of neck, back, hips, and legs. I was not able to walk more than 10 minutes, and I have seen many many doctors and medical professionals. I've see orthopedics, Neurosurgeons, Neurologists, physical therapists, and so forth.

    I have been getting treatment by Dr. Mousavi for the past three months. It’s been amazing, sorry not amazing, a miracle. I can not believe it, I’m pain free. I can walk again for miles.

    I think God sent Dr. Mousavi down to cure people like me."

    The bottom line, don't think twice. This is an excellent place to seek treatment and an excellent and kind doctor!

    Show More - Taban Sharifi
  • I went to see Dr Azien Mousavi after reading The Emotion Code by Dr Bradley Nelson. This book was life changing for me. So enlightening! It opened my mind to understand how trapped emotions can get stuck in our bodies and interfere with our physical and emotional health. I really felt that I needed to see a certified Emotion Code practioner. I found Dr Azien online and made an appointment with her right away! I honestly believe that God led me to her. She is one of the kindest and most compassionate people I've met. Her beautiful and calming spirit made our sessions so relaxing and comfortable. She even gifted me Louise Hay's book "You Can Heal Your Life" at our first visit. After a few sessions with her I feel so much lighter and happier. I'm even sleeping better. I am so grateful for you Dr Azien. You have truly helped me.

    Show More - Deanna Luna
  • Dr. Azien Mousavi is the best in town. Thankful for her I feel so much better now. I been having bad back pain on and off for awhile now. Went to a few Chiropractor but didn’t do any help! Heard about Dr Azien through my neighbor. Dr Azien helped me a lot and slowly I feel better now. Thanks Dr Azien.

    Show More - Rabee Ghasemi
  • Dr Azien is a warm person and really cares about her clients. After my first session with her I could feel a major difference in my range of motion and flexibility. Every time I leave her office I feel like I am floating and the tension in my low back and neck have disappeared. The PEMF machine has helped me with some other chronic conditions and I am sure has helped on many levels that I am not even aware of. I highly recommend Dr Azien! She is very knowledgeable and helpful!

    Show More - Lesa Montagna

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