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Do you feel like you’re weighed down by negative emotions that just won’t go away?

Have you been dealing with physical pain, symptoms, or ailments that just seem to persist no matter what treatments or medications you try? Then The Emotion Code may be the solution for you. The Emotion Code is a unique and revolutionary method of releasing trapped emotions using magnets, motions, and energy manipulation. At Divine Healing Chiropractic, Dr. Azien Mousavi is a certified practitioner of the Emotion Code

How Does The Emotion Code Work?

The Emotion Code is an energy healing technique that helps to identify and release trapped emotions that are causing physical pain, emotional distress, and other health issues. Dr. Mousavi uses muscle testing as an intuitive tool to determine where emotion is stuck and why it’s stuck. Once identified, Dr. Mousavi may use magnets to help release the emotion from the body. This helps restore balance in your body’s energy system and can bring about deep healing.

When Dr. Mousavi works with clients using The Emotion Code technique, she starts by having a conversation about what is going on in their lives—what physical symptoms they are experiencing, what emotional issues they are dealing with—to get a better sense of what might be causing these symptoms. She then uses muscle testing to identify if there are any trapped emotions present and if so, which ones they are. From there, she can begin the process of releasing those stuck emotions so the body can return to its natural state of balance and harmony.

Benefits of Releasing Trapped Emotions

When trapped emotions are released through The Emotion Code technique, the results can be profound! People often experience relief from physical pain, improved overall health, better sleep quality, improved mental clarity, renewed motivation, less stress, fewer anxiety attacks, improved relationships, increased self-awareness, increased confidence, reduced fear, increased joy…the list goes on! Each person’s experience will be unique, but anyone who has tried this technique can attest to its power in bringing about healing on all levels.

The Emotion Code is a revolutionary way of releasing trapped emotions from the body so that deep healing can take place. As a certified practitioner of this technique, Dr. Azien Mousavi has seen firsthand how powerful it can be for those who suffer from physical pain or other ailments caused by stuck emotions. If you would like to explore how this unique method could facilitate healing in your life, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Together we can begin the process of identifying any stuck emotions within your energy system and start working towards restoring balance and harmony within your body.


Have you ever wondered why some people can heal from physical and emotional issues more quickly than others? Are you looking for a way to facilitate your own healing journey? If so, The Emotion Code could be the answer for you.

This unique modality uses energy manipulation and muscle testing to identify and release trapped emotions. The Emotion Code is a powerful tool that helps us identify what’s blocking us from reaching our highest potential of health and well-being. It was created by Dr. Bradley Nelson, who has been practicing holistic medicine since 1999. This system allows us to connect with our subconscious mind to get answers about where we are stuck in life, why we are feeling blocked or stuck, and what needs to be done to move forward in life.

The process starts with muscle testing—a non-invasive technique that taps into our subconscious mind directly. Muscle testing is used as a biofeedback tool that helps us identify areas where there is an emotional charge—or ‘trapped emotion.’ This trapped emotion can manifest itself as physical pain or discomfort, mental blocks, or emotional disturbances. Once identified, we can then use magnets or motions to release the trapped emotion from the body.

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How Can The Emotion Code Facilitate Healing?

Trapped emotions can cause imbalances in our bodies which lead to physical pain or discomfort, mental blocks, and emotional disturbances such as anxiety or depression. By releasing these trapped emotions from our body through the process of The Emotion Code, we can begin to restore balance and harmony within ourselves which leads us toward greater overall health and well-being.

By releasing blockages within ourselves at the energetic level via The Emotion Code process, we open up space within ourselves for healing at all levels – physical, mental/emotional/spiritual – allowing new energies/thoughts/feelings, etc., into our being allowing us to become whole again – restoring balance & harmony within ourselves on all levels leading towards greater well-being & higher consciousness living!

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The Emotion Code is a powerful tool that helps us unlock our true potential for healing on all levels – mental/emotional/spiritual – by identifying and releasing blocked energies that keep us stuck in patterns of dis-ease in our lives. As a certified practitioner of The Emotion Code, Dr. Azien Mousavi is trained in using magnets and motions combined with muscle testing techniques in order to accurately identify where emotion is stuck within your energy field and help you release it so that you can move forward on your path towards healing. If you would like to learn more about how The Emotion Code could help support your healing journey, please contact us today to get started.

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