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PEMF Therapy is a way to recharge every cell in your body so your cells are better able to uptake nutrients, excrete waste, and function optimally. The number one sign that your cells need energy support is pain. Pain and fatigue are your body’s cry for help — it’s how your body gets your attention. Other signs include dis-ease, weakness, reduced function of any body part, and emotional imbalances.

Your body benefits from coming into direct contact with the earth’s magnetic field — it’s one of the reasons people love walking on the beach so much. The ocean’s salt water is an excellent conductor of energy that increases the transfer of energy from earth to body.

The earth’s electromagnetic field (EMF) is safe and beneficial. However, modern technology like mobile phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, computer screens, and high-tension wires produce an EMF at an extreme level that bombards every cell in your body with detrimental energy.

Each cell in your body is like a battery, capable of holding only so much energy. Think of your cells like a mobile phone — over time they lose their charge and need to be recharged to function. There are various reasons your cells may not be generating or maintaining enough charge: physical injury, toxicity, scar tissue, inflammation, and poor nutrition are just some things that suck the life out of your cellular batteries.

The FDA started approving PEMF back in 1979 for bone loss (it was even used by NASA to support the astronauts when they returned to Earth). The FDA made additional approvals in 1987 for post-operative edema and pain, 2004 as an adjunct to cervical fusion surgery, and 2011 for depression.

Since every cell in your body needs to hold a charge, every cell in your body can benefit from PEMF.

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Using PEMF to Accelerate Cartilage Repair

Regrown Cartilage in the Knee

Patients have experienced regrowth of cartilage in knee joints changing the bone-on-bone situation, recreating the cartilage between the bones increasing the glide and removing the pain. The X-ray below shows the knee of a 70-year-old female who was experiencing extreme pain when walking because the cartilage had degenerated. The PEMF therapy encouraged cartilage growth between the bones (on right) removing the need for a knee replacement

Avoiding Hip Replacement

A common feature of middle to old age is the degeneration of the hip joint. The bone structure is diminished due to a drop in bone density from osteoporosis. The cartilage gets worn out as the structure collapses resulting in bone on bone. Usually the treatment is hip replacement, however this is often not prescribed for those experiencing hip degeneration at an early age. The PEMF therapy  stimulated both bone and cartilage regeneration, avoiding hip replacement. The X-ray shows the regeneration of a hip in a middle aged woman, removing the need for the hip replacement on this hip. 

PEMF has consistently resulted in cartilage and bone regrowth, repairing knees and hips and removing the need for invasive surgery with the potential for nerve damage, infections and a much longer recovery time.

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PEMF Experts

When it comes to PEMF therapy you want to make sure you are receiving care from a highly trained practitioner using the most advanced devices. All members of our staff are certified in the application of PEMF staff members have received extra professional training to obtain the highest level of PEMF certification. We have helped many patients over the years and look forward to helping you!

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Many people are now discovering the amazing results they can achieve with PEMF.

The science behind PEMF has been studied for more than a hundred years. It’s used by healthcare providers to diminish pain, stimulate immune support, improve physical and mental performance, and enhance brain function.

According to a Yale Medical University study from 1932, the depletion of electrical energy from the body is a root cause of general poor health. And PEMF, or pulsed electromagnetic fields, are a source of energy that helps the body repair and rebuiild naturally.

To learn more and consider an exploratory session to see how easy and non-invasive this new approach can help you, contact us today!

Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy —


Low back pain poses a significant burden of disease worldwide, and identifying safe and effective non-pharmacologic treatment options is a research priority. In a recent study conducted at a chiropractic school outpatient clinic, a clinical trial of a PEMF) therapy device was tested.

Results? Significant improvements in from baseline to week 6 were reported in the experimental group compared with patients in the control group, and this benefit difference persisted through the week-12 follow-up. Adverse events were rare and mild.

How Maggie got fast relief and freedom from pain using Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field therapy — In Maggie’s case, it helped with Diabetic Neuropathy of the feet and she reported rapid improvement and freedom from pain, to restore her energy and pain-free life! Special offer available for a limited, to try PEMF therapy for yourself!

PEMF uses Pulsed ElectroMagnetic fields in a controlled environment, to replenish the natural energy of your body’s cells. In much the same way as the Earth itself provides pulsed electromagnetic fields to enable all life on earth, your body can naturally heal itself! Contact us for more information and special offer!

Where There is Healing... There is Hope.

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What is PEMF Cellular Exercise?

Pulse Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Cellular Exercise is a therapy in which electromagnetic fields reach deep inside your body to exercise your cells. It causes your cells to expand and contract, similarly to when you work out at the gym. Just like your muscles, your cells need to be strong. Weak cells are characterized by low voltage. PEMF Cellular Exercise replenishes energy in low voltage cells. As your cells expand and contract, they are able to expel toxins and absorb nutrients. Your cells’ voltage increases and they grow stronger. High voltage cells are able to grow, heal, and reproduce successfully. Strong cells will create more strong cells!

What are some benefits of PEMF Cellular Exercise?

PEMF Cellular Exercise has also been found to support the body’s own healing ability by replenishing the natural charge that exists in healthy cells. When your body is healthy you sleep better, experience more energy, and are less likely to experience pain and inflammation.

What is the history of PEMF Cellular Exercise?

The basic technology has existed in various forms for decades, starting with Nikola Tesla’s alternating current in the 1800’s. About seventy years ago, Dr. Harold Saxton Burr, PhD proved that disease was preceded by a quantifiable imbalance in our electrical charge. Shortly after, PEMF Cellular Exercise began being used to aid in bone growth. It currently is used to support whole body wellness.

What ages can benefit from PEMF?

People of all ages can benefit from PEMF therapy. There are no age restrictions. Senior citizens particularly enjoy PEMF, but regardless of age, your cell love a charge!

Is PEMF safe?

Absolutely! This therapy charges your cells and allows them to function at their fullest capacity. Experiments conducted at Old Dominion University and supported by the U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research observed the effects of ultra-powerful pulses on living tissue. As an emerging field of study, Bioelectrics, reveal “these powerful, ultrashort voltage pulses do something nothing else can — harmlessly slip past the cell’s exterior to shock the vital structures within.”

Who should NOT have PEMF?

If you have a pacemaker, are pregnant, have a history of seizure, or have any electronic device implanted in your body (that cannot be removed for the session), PEMF is not an option for you. Please ask us about other appointment types that may be helpful.

How long are the PEMF therapy sessions?

Depending on your wellness challenges, we may recommend 30, 60, or 90 minute sessions. The best place to start is with three, 1-hour sessions within 10 days or less.

How far apart should I space my PEMF sessions?

Since the effects are cumulative, it is recommend, when your first start PEMF, that you come at least twice a week, but you can come every day if that works for you. After your initial series of appointments, we offer packages and maintenance plans with weekly or monthly sessions — depending on your case.

How will I feel after my session?

Most people report feeling great! If you feel tired or achy after your session, that may be an indication that many toxins were released from your cells during your session. Please let your technician know so that your next session can be gentler. If you feel anything other than comfortable after your session, call us right away for a complimentary “low & slow” where we will support your body with the detox process with 15-20 minutes in our PEMF chair.

What if I have had joint replacement surgery?

That’s no problem. Even if you have metal screws, plates, rods, or joints, you can still participate in PEMF therapy.

What can I do to get the most benefit from PEMF Therapy?

Eating a clean, healthy diet that includes raw, fresh vegetables and fruits and being well hydrated are a great way to support any wellness program. Across the board, we always recommend chiropractic care to support total body healing. When your cells and your brain can talk to each other and energy if flowing optimally throughout your nervous system, any therapy you try can be more effective.

Will insurance cover my sessions?

We are not an approved provider for any insurance company. You could check with your insurance company to see if they will reimburse you for part or all of your sessions. You can also check with administrator of your Health Savings Account to see if those funds can be used for your PEMF sessions.